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  • nylon sandwich belts

About Us

We are one of the reputed manufacturing unit of transmission and conveyor belts in India since 1992 and have selective customer base in US, Europe, and India along with many countries across the globe. We have been successfully serving paper, steel, textile and diamond cutting industries since 1992. The goal of the company is to supply and offer high quality industrial belting to our valued customers and receive appreciation in fullest. New TransTech Belts serves a wide variety of industrial customers through an extensive network of distributors and dealers
Our unmatched quality product have successfully created a niche in today's market place and with our customers able guidance and feedback we have also successfully introduced following products apart from conveyor belts :

  • Condenser Tapes (Leather Condenser Tapes)

  • Combing & Gill Box Leather

  • Chrome Leather Rubbing Condenser Rubbing Aprons

  • Synthetic Rubber Condenser Rubbing Aprons

  • Poly and wood Lattices Conveyor

  • Paddy Dehuskers & Rice Brakes

  • Textiles Rolls


  • Optimal Power Efficiency resulting in reduced Energy & Maintenance costs bills.
  • Achieves a transmission of more than 98% .
  • Heavy Duty Performance - Belt speed up to 70 m/sec. & up to 1500 Kw.
  • High Abrasion Resistance - Longer belt life.
  • Greater Operational Relations.
  • Constant R.P.M. through out belt life.
  • Antistatic/Re-tension not required.
  • Low noise pollution and better working environment.
  • Vibration free: Resulting in little wear and tear on Bearings & Machine elements.
  • Freedom to deign, Short time fitting, easy to splice on the machine.

To achieve production and performance consistency through out our supply chain we focus on continual training of our employee and distributors that inturn helps New TransTech Belts to offer customers the best products for their challenging engineering applications. A Polyamide Flat Belt is a highly developed drive element manufactured with state of the art technology and is suitable for application in all areas of mechanical engineering.The NTI Polyamide high efficiency flat belts has a traction layer made of HIGHLY ORIENTED POLYAMIDE which absorbs the forces exerted on the belt when power is transmitted. The frictional cover (CHROME LEATHER/ ELESTOMER-NBR/NYLON FABRIC ) ensures the power transmission between the belt and the pulley.